About M:STS(33)

            What is Mission:STS(33)

Mission:sts(33) is my vision to create a design company based on the principle of(Classic style+street sensibility=timeless designs. I design clothes for the individual not the masses, those who are not afraid to be themselves, who’s effortless style inspires and liberates others, the trend breakers. I want to focus on creating garments that will be just as relative twenty, thirty years from now, as they are today, uniquely Classic pieces that add to one’s personal style.


Now that I have given you some insight on my design philosophy, I would like to tell you what Mission STS(33) means to me on a more personal level. It is a project that began some years ago, although I didn’t know it at the time. I was at the point in my life when I was doing a lot of soul searching, I wasn’t happy with the course my life was taking. It's not that it wasn’t a good life, I had a House, a car, girlfriend and good job (that allowed me to travel to different places) on the outside looking in,life was great. But for some reason I wasn’t happy, let’s just say I was bored, I was living a mediocre existence at least according to my standards. It took what some might consider a tragedy to finally kick me in my ass, and make me do something about it. I got shot, he shot at me five times but only hit me once in the leg, by the grace of God, it left me with a broken leg and a lot of time to think.

So that’s what I did, I asked myself what would make me Happy, if I could be doing anything in life what would it be, and after some time it came to me, it was Clothing! I had always taken joy in expressing myself through my own personal style, (even when some people thought I was weird), I had been reading fashion magazines while others were playing video games. Shopping was my sport, especially thrifting. The signs had always been there, I had just chosen to ignore them, once I realized that this is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing, I had to just do it, I couldn’t wait, I didn’t know how or on what capacity, I had ideas but they hadn’t been tested. I just knew one thing for sure I had to leave Cleveland, maybe not forever, but I just needed some space,  I had been there my whole life, I needed a new experience. So I did what any rational person would do, I quit my job, rented my house out, packed up everything I could fit in a van and me and Scarlet (my Doberman Pinscher) moved to Chicago.

Since that move some years ago, my life has been very interesting I’ve studied fashion in school, work and in life; it has literally been my only focus. It hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination; I’ve had many setbacks, heartbreaks and loses. But with out sounding to cliché I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world; I’ve met some great people and at times had too much fun.  Mission:STS(33) has many meanings, but the biggest one  for me, I guess is the reminder to Stay True to Self. It is my permission to allow myself to follow my own path, set my own course and find peace in the fact; that whether I succeed or fail I did it on my own terms.  I created this blog for many reasons, I have met many people who have been kind enough to have contributed time, money and energy into making sure I stay on course and that my vision is realized, and for them I am Grateful beyond words. I figured this blog would be an opportunity for them to be up dated on my progress and offer suggestions and comments on the direction of the company while it’s at its beginning stages and long after it has been a huge success. I am also doing a lot of traveling back and forth between Chicago and Cleveland and I wanted my family and friends who are in other places to be able to share in my experiences. Lastly I created this blog to give the Midwest a voice especially my hometown of Cleveland, who has had it  a little rough these last few years, but I know will bounce back greater then ever. Its just in our DNA, Where Fighters. So frequently I will update you on my progress and  discuss a few topics that lends inspiration to my design process such as style, art, music, and photography.  I urge you to click on each page and leave a comment, I look forward to reading what you have to say.