Friday, February 4, 2011

 Burying the Brown with Black Myth

We always hear the question can  brown and black be worn together, and I have to admit it drives me a little bit insane,both are neutrals and happen to be two of my personal favorites. I once got into a debate with a co-worker while working at The Banana Republic on Michigan Ave, I was styling a lady who had been trying on some casual black dresses and asked me to recommend some accessories. I recommended  brown boots and a brown leather belt. She was a little bit weary because she had heard of  the "brown with black rule" and my coworker didn't help ease her anxiety, adding in his two cents " yea you should never pair brown and black.
 Now Imagine my surprise, seeing that Ive been wearing my brown cowboy boots with black shirts, black jeans, black whatever, you name it Ive worn it with those boots. Needless to say I had a few choice words for my co-worker and finally after a little coercing,  I got the lady to try on the brown boots and belt with the dress, she loved it, the combination actually worked perfectly for her and that dress.

The point is there are no style rule that cant be broken and I'm not even sure this one should even be a rule. Clothing and style are personal and what doesn't works for one person  may or may not work for some one else, Dressing is about experimenting and finding the cuts and color combinations that work for you.  Below are photos of people wearing brown and black and burying the myth ,there are also links at the bottom of the page that can help you lay this rule to rest.

Niklas a teacher from Sweden

A fashionable Japanese guy posing on the street in Harajuku while smoking. He’s wearing a black v-neck shirt, black denim jeans, pointy black leather shoes, and a Chanel necklace. He also has a checkered brown leather handbag, sunglasses hanging from his shirt, several rings, and a white mobile phone in his hands.
A young man in Tokyo wearing all black with brown bag and shades

Girl on the dance floor!!!

Rihanna stepping out
The Color Combo to Try Now Rules of Style:
How to wear brown and black together