Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring must haves for men and women

 Spring is here and with the change of seasons,also comes a change in mood and attitude, I know at least for me after a long cold winter .I like to get out in to the world and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.So how better to celebrate springs arrival, then to add few must have items to your clothing arsenal.

My first is a traditional Rain coat or Trench coat with spring comes rain, so why not invest in a item that's not only going to come in handy this year, but will never go out of style. The Trench coat, which made its debut back in the first World war, worn by British soldiers has been a fashion staple that has not only added a sense of class to the person wearing it, but has also manage to keep them dry.

M.I.A wearing brown trench

  OK sorry just fucking around, but you guessed it, next Spring must have is the Color White, white is not only big this spring with all the white out looks on the runway, it is a classic color that can help anyone achieve a clean crisp look, be sure to play around with textures and layers. Check out H&M's Spring 2011 Conscious collection  made from sustainable fabrics for both men and women, not always a  Huge fan of H&M because of there quality and approach to clothing,but I applaud there effort to lessen their impact on the environment and admittedly there are some nice pieces in the collection.

H&M spring 2011

H&M Spring 2011 

for more pictures go to http://www.hmconsciouscollection.com/

Another spring accesory that will come in handy for spring, The Rain Boot no matter whether your downtown or enjoying a day at the park. When its wet and muddy outside rain boots make sense. I own a pair of black hunter boots and I have to admit its kinda fun to be able to walk through mud and huge puddles with out worrying about my feet getting wet and dudes quit being so unsure of yourself, men have always worn rain boots,check your history.

Check out these pair for men,

 Hunter, Bormio 150.00

and these for women

Hunter is not the only brand of rain boots,but with my experience they have the three things you most want in a rain boot durability, comfort and good design.

Spring does not only bring rain it also brings plenty of sun,so it only makes sense my next pick would be Sunglasses,there are many different styles which have showed up for this season ranging from the circular shaped frames that were made famous by John Lennon , many retro styles and specifically for the ladies cat shaped 50s and 60s inspired glasses are back.The key  to sunglasses is finding a pair that compliments the shape of your face,glasses can add a whole other element to any look. The pair that's on my if I hit the lottery list, are these pair of Jack One by Oliver Peoples a eye wear brand out of L.A. 
Copper gold with chrome rose lens, $325

and I actually like there women's selection more then their mens, to see more visit there website http://www.oliverpeoples.com/, These our only a few suggestions to help you get ready for spring, hope they help to get your creative juices flowing.